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Taxicab Crashes: What You Need to Know

Philadelphia is one of the busiest and most popular cities in the United States, making taxi rides common and abundant from the airport, train stations, and throughout the city for tourists and locals alike. Philadelphia taxi drivers are generally trained and experienced professionals, however they are still exposed to the risk of traffic accidents. In fact, this risk may be even higher for taxi drivers because they can be distracted when searching for their next fare, stop suddenly frequently, and often make erratic turns. As a paying customer, you expect safety to be paramount, but that is not always the case.

Taxicab Accident Facts

  • There is a strong relationship between a driver’s crash rate and his income. According to a study, the higher the drivers’ incomes, the lower the crash rates are; conversely, when the US hit a recession – which has also lowered the incomes of cab drivers – the crash rates have significantly increased.

  • Even with safety restraints, taxi passengers have higher injury rates compared to car occupants. Experts believe that this trend is linked to the presence of partitions in most taxis.

  • Drivers who own their taxis and drive full-time are more law-abiding motorists compared to drivers who are leasing their cabs.


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