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Crashing Down: The Devastating Consequences of Building Collapses

Philadelphia is one of the oldest cities in America, but at the same time boasts a booming construction industry. Both are reasons for building or structural collapses that can catastrophically injure or kill.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA): “When internal load bearing structural elements fail, a building will collapse into itself and exterior walls are pulled into the falling structure. This scenario may be caused by construction activity, an earthquake, or fire, and may result in a dense debris field with a small footprint. Alternatively, if the structural failure is caused by an explosion or natural forces such as weather, the building may collapse in an outward direction, resulting in a less dense and more scattered debris field.”

Building collapses are typically preventable, especially since there are so many regulations in place to prevent such events. Many people are familiar with the phrase “up to code,” which refers to these strict construction guidelines. So, how are there still so many building failures occurring across the country? Sadly, while there are many factors that can cause a building collapse, the most common causes have some element of human error, or even worse, human greed, at play.


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